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American Ramble

Ann de Forest, inveterate walker and editor of our book Ways of Walking, will be rambling to Main Point Books in Wayne, PA, on April 13, at 7 p.m., to converse with Neil King Jr. about his new book American Ramble: A Walk of Memory and Renewal. It tells the story of his walk from Washington, D.C., to New York City, a trek that became not only personal but also historical and political. Neil is a distinguished journalist, a former reporter and editor for The Wall Street Journal among other publications.

Here are a few of the plaudits the book has received so far from folks who know a fine work when they see one:

"This is a near perfect book, an exquisitely seen and felt memoir of an American journey; it's not just a geographic journey, full of keen observations and thoughtful insights, but a spiritual one, finding in our complex and sometimes contradictory landscape a mirror in which King's own inner life awakens as he wanders. Amazing." Ken Burns

"American Ramble is a beautifully written, carefully observed, and wisely enlightening examination of modern America and modern Americans. Read this book for a new view of the country and of yourselves." James Fallows

"Part travelogue, part history, American Ramble is a thoughtful, warm-hearted guide to the country that we’ve inherited and that we’re making." Elizabeth Kolbert

Recently, when the Washingtonian asked Neil he'd learned from the trip, he said this:

"I think the biggest lesson is there just really is a different America [beyond] any of our doors if we go about it at the pace of a walker, do it over a stretch of time, and really pay attention. We’re all absorbed in this divisive, toxic fight over all the things that we’re so familiar with—and I’m not arguing that those things don’t exist. But there is a different story to be told and to behold by walking. And it can be a really transformative thing, both in terms of your understanding of the country and in terms of what it does to your own psyche."

So come to the Main Point on April 13 to have your psyche transformed. The bookstore requests that you register ahead of time, but walk-ins are also welcome.

Main Point Books

116 N. Wayne Avenue

Wayne, PA 19087

(484) 580-6978

"The point is to read!"


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