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New Door Books: publishing original, innovative fiction and memoir

Founded in 2009 to publish literary works, primarily fiction, that might be overlooked by commercial outlets, New Door Books is a project of the Working Writers Group (WWG), a Philadelphia-area group of authors who have been meeting monthly since 1985 to discuss each other’s work.
Over the decades, as WWG has gained new members and lost others, we have grown up together in a literary sense, maturing in our own writing and our appreciation for others’ creations. Our current members have credits in many genres, from flash fiction, stories, and novels to memoir, oral history, drama, film, and opera.
After more than 20 years of nurturing one another’s manuscripts, we felt that setting up our own book imprint was a natural evolution. As the mainstream publishing industry became more of a monoculture, we wanted to create a venue for significant literary voices that didn’t conform to standard formulas.
To carry out this vision, WWG conceived the New Door Books imprint and took on the role of Editorial Board. P. M. Gordon Associates, a book packager since 1982, agreed to be the publisher. Works chosen for publication have consensus approval of the group. WWG members also contribute detailed suggestions for revision and polishing, working as a collective to bring out the potential in every book.
Throughout the publication process, the author becomes a full partner on the team, collaborating closely in editing, design, and promotion. Book publishing takes time and hard work, but it’s much more than that—it’s a shared adventure.
As another literary adventure, WWG sponsors a reading series called All But True, which brings together both emerging and established authors to read from their work and discuss it with the audience. For announcements about the series, check the All But True section under the News tab on this site.

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