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For Submissions:

We like to read queries about new works, though we can't handle an infinite number. If you'd like to send a query, please check our Submittable site by clicking the button below. If you see that there are no "open calls," come back again in a few weeks. We do want to hear from you.

For Questions, etc.:

There are multiple ways to reach us:

  • Email our highly efficient factotum, Info, at NewDoorBooks dot net.

  • Send a snail mail letter or postcard or box of home-baked brownies to Editor, New Door Books, 2115 Wallace Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA.

  • Phone our office at 215-765-2525 during a time when we are awake (you may have to guess).



  • Fill out the following form and trust the internet to send it to us.

Thanks for getting in contact!

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