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Ordering by individuals: We encourage all readers to patronize their local independent bookstores. If you want to order online, you'll see options on each book page to order from, Amazon, and other sites.

​​You can also buy printed books directly from us, via our distributor, by clicking on the link labeled "Buy Direct from Distributor."

Finally, our ebooks are available in Kindle format (use the Amazon link) and in selected other formats. If you desperately need an ebook in yet another format, please get in touch with us via the Contact page on this site.

Ordering by bookstores and other retailers: Our books are distributed by Pathway Book Service in Keene, NH. They are also available through Ingram and other wholesalers. Please notify us via this site's Contact page if you have any trouble ordering.

Backorders: Every one of our books is in print. If Ingram,, or any other source lists a book as on backorder, be assured that the title is still available. Go ahead and order it, and you should receive it without much delay.

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