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The Real Deal

Updated: Jun 21

Janice Deal, the author of our forthcoming linked-story collection STRANGE ATTRACTORS, also has a novel being published this month. (Pause to condemn her for such annoying productivity.) To mark this occasion, a couple of related pieces have just appeared.

In an interview conducted by Regal House, the publisher of her novel The Sound of Rabbits, Janice holds forth on the importance of chocolate, wine, and other major writing aids. She also talks about writing community and what she's working on next.

In the second piece, on the site Women Writers, Women's Books, Janice discusses the role that place can play in fiction. She breaks down multiple ways in which establishing a strong sense of place can build character and plot. Here's one passage we especially like:

Place doesn’t have to be exotic. In fact, sometimes it is the most quotidian of locales that tell us a lot about a character.

The Sound of Rabbits is being released in less than a week (cute bunny on the cover). Strange Attractors (weird flamingoes on the cover) will follow in September.

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